These are but vain attempts to express, by one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Words, much like love, can be ever elusive... ever frustrating... like trying to paint a million stories on a single canvass. If you will read, please do not ask. Just feel. Or at least try to. The meaning is, whatever you have felt to be there, or the lack thereof :)


dear stranger, i want you to know
that our fairytale is turning out to be
a fall from grace that’s beyond redemption
a caged bird that i long to set free

you’ve become a numbing coldness that i feel
and could almost touch
our story like dried leaves soaked by the summer rain
rotting, and the stench to prove it is there
a rather overwhelming and tangible pain

ever distant yet ever real
you & your wounding silence crowds my emotion
ever hurtful & ever here
i've become so embittered waiting for salvation

dear stranger i really want to, at last, say goodbye
but it’ll only be a farewell that’s empty and wouldn’t last
for i know that ‘til the day i see you again
i won’t and can’t ever let go of the past.

dear stranger, i really want your memory gone
in my life, you have just brought in so much sadness
but you are & will always be, though i  long to forget you,
one of the most beautiful things in my life that i'd cherish.

19th November 2004
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Dear dearest, these are your love songs: