These are but vain attempts to express, by one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Words, much like love, can be ever elusive... ever frustrating... like trying to paint a million stories on a single canvass. If you will read, please do not ask. Just feel. Or at least try to. The meaning is, whatever you have felt to be there, or the lack thereof :)


Now my journey is almost done
The seven bucks spent, already gone
Unlike yours which you never did spend
Kept safe in your pocket from start to end

Selfish, you’re not
I guess you’re just wise
Unlike foolish me, a ‘martyr’ in disguise
I can never break rules
Just like you do
Am always too sensitive
I ought to have followed you
I’ll just take my leave now
Drag my feet home to rest
Should have known, should have known
Can’t always have the best

So goodbye to you
A period I’m gonna put here
To mark the end of my journey
Before I finally disappear.

2002 July 23
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Dear dearest, these are your love songs: