These are but vain attempts to express, by one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Words, much like love, can be ever elusive... ever frustrating... like trying to paint a million stories on a single canvass. If you will read, please do not ask. Just feel. Or at least try to. The meaning is, whatever you have felt to be there, or the lack thereof :)


Here I am
About a song that has nothing to do with you
But at the same time wond’ring
If I’ll have the slightest chance
Of again seeing you.

Don’t wanna nourish a hope
Yet a part of me has started to
Don’t wanna develop a crush
But I’ve already crashed on you.
Don’t want to know the slightest bit about you
Yet I’m yearning to know your name.

No, don’t wanna remember anything
Especially not the charming twinkle of your eyes,
Yet it keeps on coming back.
Haunting, taunting, and frustrating me
Though nothing’s to be done
But wait till the memory of you
Is gone.

2000 November 24
*may nakita lang akong cute sa Engg a kamukha ni Allen sa Vision of Escaflowne ;p

For my tree.

You were for me the embodiment of majesty
Of wisdom infinite but real
Your quiet grace revealed to me
Clues, meanings to the things I feel

The sight of your silhouette
etched vividly across a dramatic sky
Every morning, brings me incomparable joy
Your simple beauty, an inspiration;
A blessing to both soul & soil.

Now naught are the evidences
of your former glory
But someday I know
you’ll be back for sure
Even reduced to a stump, my dear tree
You’re showing me how,
in this life, to best endure.

- 11.00

on TTA

You wrote of vanishing one’s fears
But you didn’t tell me how
Could it be that the song wasn’t for real;
That you have never experienced it yet somehow?

I find it offending that you should write
About something that means so much to me.
I am more than dying to be alive.
I want the whole world to hear and see!

2000 November 13

commentary on Hanson's This Time Around album

Enrollment blues #3

Hey, hey, did you know
Sa pagtunganga ko kanina
At long last I saw one guy
Na from now on I’d be on the look-out na
Grabe pa daw sa pa-epek
Akala mo talagang dedma
Tumitiyempo lang naman akong
Masilip ang mukha nya
Yeah, he’s really cute
But not the type na mukhang tuta
And I ain’t yet sure but I think
Na sa mata na naman ako nakuha
Naks, sobra talagang corny!
But I swear you’d scream if you’ve seen him too
Simple lang pero lakas ng dating
And he has a disarming smile too.

(for 2nd SEM, 2000-2001)

9th November 2000, (12:10 NN)

Enrollment blues #2

Hoy, alam mo ba
Kanina pa ‘ko nakatanga
Walang ginagawa
Mukhang naghihintay saw ala
Noong Tuesday pa ‘ko
Nagmumukhang  gago
Nagbabakasakaling matawag ang number ko
Kaya lang nananadya yata
Talaga’ng tadhana
Thursday na ngayon
At ako pa ri’y nakatunganga
(Buti man lang kung may pang-lunch! Grrr!!!)

(for 2nd SEM, 2000-2001)
9th November 2000, (12:00 NN)

Enrollment blues #1

What now, another set of blues?
This time around, enrolment naman
“no ba yan, grabee, so kakabus-
Kakabuwiset.. ba’t ba ganito’ng college ko?!
Tuwi na lang enrolment, ang gulo-guko
Ang tagal  ng service
Madalas tuloy late ako
(Grrr, singkwenta pesos na naman!)
Bwiset talagang buhay ‘to
Okei n asana eh kun’ di damay pati mga subject
K’ya lang sa minalas-malas
Pati ‘yon nagkalintek-lintek.

 (for 2nd SEM, 2000-2001)

9th November 2000, (11:30 am)

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