These are but vain attempts to express, by one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Words, much like love, can be ever elusive... ever frustrating... like trying to paint a million stories on a single canvass. If you will read, please do not ask. Just feel. Or at least try to. The meaning is, whatever you have felt to be there, or the lack thereof :)


You came at a time of deluge
And your arrival only added to the confusion and

Of my poor, wretched heart
How am I to know
If this feeling I have for you is for real?
I have felt danger
For you’ve been constantly on my mind
Distracting my thoughts
And I hate you for it.

I can’t let myself fall.
I can’t afford to coz I’m too scared.

Stop invading my thoughts.
Cease pestering my heart.
I just can’t let you in –

1999 September 12
 * exaggeration ng isang crush - kay A.B. Enrado, klasmeyt sa KAS I

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Dear dearest, these are your love songs: